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Health Benefits of Malay Apple, Jambu Bol, otaheite cashew for Beauty and your body

What are the Health Benefits of Malay Apple, Jambu Bol, otaheite cashew for Beauty and your body
Syzygium malaccense is a species of flowering tree native to Malaysia, Indonesia (Sumatra and Java) Vietnam, Thailand, New Guinea and Australia. It has been introduced throughout the tropics, including many Caribbean countries and territories, such as Panama, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Suriname, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Ecuador, and Venezuela.

Syzygium malaccense has a variety of common names. It is known as a Malay rose apple, or simply Malay apple, jambu merah (Malaysian language, meaning "red guava"), jambu bol (Indonesian, meaning "ball guava"), Malay rose apple, Otaheite cashew and pommerac (derived from pomme Malac, meaning "Malaysian apple" in French). Despite the fact that it is sometimes called the otaheite cashew, Syzygium malaccense is not related to cashew – an important distinction because cashews may trigger severe allergic reactions while Syzygium malaccense does not appear to cause allergic reactions.

Nutritional Value of Malay Apples

The skin and flesh of this delicious fruit variety can be eaten and is known to be beneficial for human health, due to its significant levels of vitamins and minerals, as well as the organic compounds. Malay apples contain flavonols, phenolic compounds, and sequiterpenes, as well as limited amounts of carotenoids, all of which act as antioxidants. Furthermore, they also contain dietary fiber and limited amounts of proteins.

Mineral Content of Malay Apples
Malay apples are very important for people who want to keep their mineral levels balanced, particularly because it has significant amounts of phosphorous, calcium, and iron.

Vitamin Content of Malay Apples
This particular variety of apples also has a strong content of vitamins; a single serving contains moderate amounts of vitamin C, vitamin A, and niacin.

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Caloric Content of Malay Apples
In every 100 grams of malay apples, there are only 32 calories, but are primarily made up of water (91%).

What are the Health Benefits of Malay Apples ?
The health benefits of malay apples include their ability to reduce inflammation, prevent certain types of cancer, improve the health of the skin, boost circulation, build stronger bones, prevent the development or worsening of diabetes, improve vision health, strengthen and improve the quality of hair, and prevent the development of cataracts.

Pond Apples

Pond apples are often considered the black sheep of the apple family because the trees tend grow in rather harsh conditions of high salinity, but they are also considered a weed/invasive species, as they can grow quickly and harm the health of ecosystems. The tree is native to Florida (US), Central America, and the Caribbean, but has now spread through the Pacific and South America as well. The fruit is often eaten by wild boar and alligators, and falls from the trees when ripe (yellow or green). It is fit for human consumption, and tastes somewhat like honeydew melon. It is often used to make jams and various desserts, as well as being a popular ingredient in certain beverages in the Maldives and other tropical cultures.
Nutritional Value of Pond Apples

Research suggests that pond apples are beneficial to human health due to its wealth of different fats, many of which are essential to human health, including caprylic, betulinic, capric, lauric, oleic, linoleic, and palmitic acids, among others. The fruit is also a rich source of dietary fiber and small amounts of protein.

Mineral Content of Pond Apples
There is not much nutritive value in pond apples, but they do possess limit amounts of phosphorous and calcium.

Vitamin Content of Pond Apples
There has been limited research done on the vitamin content of pond apples, but preliminary research for other academic purposes has shown negligible vitamin content of pond apples.

Caloric Content of Pond Apples
Although the exact amount of calories in pond apples has not been calculated, related cultivars have between 80-120 calories per 100 grams.

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That's right, the very drugs people take to get rid of a headache or migraine can start causing them. When you take pain relievers on a regular basis for more than two or three days each week, they can make the pain receptors more sensitive than usual. This means when the pain medicine wears off, these hyper-sensitive receptors turn on to produce a new headache. You're then going down the slippery slope of more pain medicines followed by more headaches and migraines.

To stop this vicious cycle you have to stop the medicine which means you're going to go through a severe and painful detox that will last for about three days.

Since even medicine like aspirin and Tylenol type substances can trigger the rebound effect, Dr. Fred Sheftell, the director and founder of The New England Center for Headache, believes the situation to be so serious that he thinks there should be labels on these and other drugs warning of the rebound effect.

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Supplies: Make your own Herbal Capsules

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If you're like me and have purchased many different types of supplements over the last several years, you might want to start thinking about more efficient ways to deliver those herbal remedies with a fraction of the cost.  Actually, it's not just about monetary reasons, but more about the quality and the absence of those hidden and unwanted ingredients, binders, etc. Think about it...  Do you really know what all is in those supplements that you commonly buy online or at your local health store?

I'm dividing this subject into two parts.  The first subject, from a previous post, is entitled "Supplies: Make your own Herbal Tinctures."  The second subject, on this post, will involve the supplies that you will need to make your own herbal capsules - which is the method I prefer.

Not only is it fun to start making your own herbal supplements, it gives you a sense of independence and a peace of mind from knowing exactly what is put into those capsules.  My last project involved milk thistle seeds.  I made a fine powder from the healthy organic seeds that I use to mix into juice and to fill my empty capsules.  I plan on making my own ginseng supplements, turmeric, powdered hot pepper capsules, etc., in the future.  There's a broad range of herbal substances you can dry out and create a powder from, so if you have a decent knowledge about herb-related health benefits, your options and combinations are seemingly endless.

Okay, well, let's get down to the small amount of supplies that you will need to do this.  First of all, to make a powder out of dried herbs, some people use different things.  Take a mortar & pestle, for example.  Some folks like to chop 'em up in a traditional blender, as well.  But to me, the instrument that works the best for creating a very fine powder that allows for easy absorption within the body and that pulverizes the herbs within the shortest amount of time, is the coffee/herb grinder.  These little gadgets can turn hard seeds into powder in hardly any time at all.  Plus, they don't take up hardly any room at all.  The one shown below, is the coffee grinder that I recently purchased online, and I am more than satisfied with it.

Even though it hasn't been a problem for me, as of yet, filling the empty capsules by hand may be a bit too tedious and time-consuming for some folks.  If that's the case, you may need additional supplies, such as the capsule filling machine.  It is a simple device that allows you to place the big part of the empty capsules in a "machine" (not really a machine by my standards) and the smaller part into the cover.  From there, you dump your herbal ingredients into the holding plate or whatever, and put the cover on.  Then, you lift up on it and the capsules will all be assembled just like that.  I'm not promoting this overrated and overpriced (for what it is) product, but if you're interested just do a search for "capsule filling machine" or something similar; cheers!

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How to Invest in a Healthier You

We all want to live long, happy lives surrounded by our loved ones. The better our health, the better we feel, and the better we feel the better quality our lives will be. Good health permits one to take the grandkids fishing, or to endure those weekend camping trips with the family. When investing in better health, not only are you buying stock in your own longevity, you are granting your family the gift of having their grandfather, father and husband around for a much longer time. Those annual visits to the doctor’s office just aren’t enough anymore. You need to take control of your health starting at home. While juicing and hitting the gym is ideal and recommended, they nonetheless bare the downside of having to invest time. But there is a simple, inexpensive way to promote good health that takes no time at all. By going to a website such as, you can purchase dietary supplements that promote good prostate, glucose and heart health. 

Not all Supplements are the same
Go online and you will be overwhelmed with an infinite choice of products. Selecting the right supplements is crucial to achieving your health goals. After all, if you felt inspired to race across America, would you drive the Lamborghini or the Toyota Corolla? The Toyota may be a better option than walking, but the Lamborghini would get you further, with better performance. Your supplements work the same way. Taking a general supplement from the shelf of your grocery store won’t hurt you any, but the chances are high that you will be taking in a moderate or minimal dosage of what could be a beneficial substance if consuming the right levels. By taking optimum supplements, however, you will be getting a better performing product, with overall better results.
Here are some tips to help you make wise purchases: For starters, make sure doctors, scientists or medical researchers create the dietary supplements you take. When a professionally licensed member of the health and medical industry puts their name to a product, you know it is of high quality, as their reputations and careers are at stake. In a CNN Health article the author reports how the FDA is cracking down on false health claims featured on product labeling. Now companies have to show scientific evidence to back up their claims. By investing in a product that has always been manufactured under the umbrella of doctors and scientists who have always complied with FDA regulations, you are not only guaranteed an honest, quality product, but one formulated with integrity too.
Another thing to look for is a supplement that targets a specific condition or ailment. Multi vitamins are a dime a dozen, and unless they are sublingual, you aren’t getting full benefits from them anyway. However, taking a dietary supplement that focuses on heart health, for example, will give assurance that you are taking a quality dosage that is geared to target a specific health concern, and not just smile favorably on “overall health”.
Another thing to consider is the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification. If the dietary supplements you are considering were made under the strictest conditions to conform to the highest measures of GMP and FDA standards, then you have yet another reason to feel confident you are putting a high quality product into your body.
Invest in the Best
By following the advice in this article, you will be able to sort out the reputable dietary supplements from the ones that leave something to be desired. We are reflections of what we put into our bodies, and if we want to look and feel our best, we need to do our research and invest in the best products. After all, we all want to be around a long time to watch our loved ones grow, and we want to continue to be active in their lives, as well as actively celebrating our own.